Community info

December 2015

Community-led development is all about US.

Things that really matter are:

  • Locally created visions driving action and change
  • Local people actively involved in planning, decisions and actions
  • Working together more across sectors and organisations
  • Proactively growing local leaders and leadership
  • Learning as we go

The Mangakino Community- Led Development Leadership Group has recently submitted a funding proposal for the last year of  local activity supported by Department of Internal Affairs.

Thanks to all the organisations and people who have contributed ideas and energy to this.

Mangakino’s Plan focuses on getting local outcomes on the aspirations from community conversations and engagement - growing our community earning, learning, vibrancy and being healthy, well and forward focused.


Mangakino – Community of Choice


Vibrant, Enterprising, Caring & Connected


We work with a spirit of manaakitanga, and demonstrate respect, caring and kindness to others.

Check out what Mangakino & Whakamaru have achieved over the last five years with Community Led Development

The Mangakino Community-led Development pilot project with the Department of Internal Affairs is one of four from across New Zealand. This is a presentation on how Mangakino, Whakamaru and the surrounding rural community have worked together and used community-led principles since starting this journey August 2011.

August 2016

Cosy homes Mangakino and the Mangakino Curtain Bank is up and running.

For more information check out this link


July 2016

MCLD - Year 4 Evaluation Report - FULL REPORT - Final

Social Capital Survey Results 2012

Mangakino Social Capital Survey Results July 2012 

October 2016

Mangakino & Whakamaru Heritage Trail Opening