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Cosy Homes Mangakino was launched mid 2016.

Keeping our families / whanau warmer and drier is a community aspiration that we are working together to achieve.

Five community members have trained as Home Assessors and are able to support families to work towards getting their homes warmer and drier.

Another arm of the Cosy Homes Project is the Mangakino Curtain Bank.


The Mangakino Cosy Homes Project was handed over to the Mangakino Health Services for ongoing sustainability.

Over 40 homes in Mangakino have now been assessed with the support of Nik Gregg from Sustainability Options Tauranga. a Second visit when required comes with a starter kit including mold removal, draft stopping, bubble wrap, energy saving light bulbs and a humidity monitor (while stock lasts) Ongoing conversations, education and community workshops are the keys to changing behaviors that will help our homes become warmer and drier.

A purpose build curtain bank space has been included in the Community Resource Shed and requires volunteers to run it. If you are interested please contact Charlene Campbell at the email address below or Lisa de Thierry on

October 2017

Exciting new arm to the Cosy Homes Project:

We are investigating opening a fire wood bank account that you can pay into for the purchase of dry wood for winter.

For more information please contact:

Charlene Campbell

Mangakino Cosy Homes flyer

The Cosy Homes project has also been supported by The Lines Company and KCE (now Trustpower) Heartland Community Fund.