Awhina Wilderness Experience

Awhina Wilderness Experience is a chance for you to enjoy ‘raw’ New Zealand in untouched, treasured surroundings situated in the centre of the North Island. The Pouakani people, guardians of the sacred Mountain Titiraupenga, offer unique personally guided tours through the preserved sacred area. They share our intimate knowledge of the landscape and its cultural and historical significance. Experience New Zealand nature at its most untamed as access to the sacred land is not open to the general public. The Mt Titiraupenga landscape is home to New Zealand natives up to 1000 years old, such as giant Totara, Rata, Rewarewa and Matai trees, some over 50 metres tall and 4-5 metres wide. Visit the mountain springs and you will be transformed by the birdsong from Kereru (our native wood pigeon), Fantail, Tui, Bush Robins, Kaka, Warblers and Tomtits.

Address: 81 Bush Road, Whakamaru, South Waikato
Phone: 07 882 8382
Mobile: 027 329 0996