Mangakino Central Charitable Trust (MCCT)

The Mangakino Central Charitable Trust (MCCT) is a community organisation originally set up in response to the community need to support local sport and leisure orgaisations, activities and facilities in the Mangakino district.

MCCT has evolved to become a key organisation in Mangakino and partners community development in areas of health , youth, children, holiday programmes, Maori and Community health, Community engagement and local event coordination.

MCCT works collaboratively with all sectors of the community to achieve Whanau Ora and community well being. MCCT supports the concept of being a local "Sportsville" and assisting any community groups in Mangakino with management and administration support.

With MCCT acting as Fundholders enables organisations to do what they do best in the community, while we do what we do best by providing the administrative and financial support that they need to continue their essential work. Our aim is to be readily available to other organisations in our community to enable them to realise their goals and ambitions.

Council offices
Civic Centre
Rangatira Drive

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Ph 07 882 8241

Mob 022 0107 931

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Address P O Box 23, Mangakino 3445