Whakamaru Reserve Closed


The Whakamaru Reserve in the South Waikato District is closed to camping for the summer period.

The felling of the neighbouring forestry block has heightened the risk of one or more of the many aging Pine trees within the reserve loosing limbs or entire trees falling, making them dangerous to the public.

Council has installed signage and gates on the reserve access roads and trails accordingly.

Council had hoped to fell the trees this year and have this popular reserve open for Christmas, however we have been unable to secure a contractor to do this work before the New Year due to the contractors' existing work commitments.

Council takes the safety of its reserve users very seriously. Camping can simply not be permitted with the aging trees posing such a serious health and safety risk.

This includes access to the boat ramp.

We remind our reserve users that there are several other reserves in the district that can be used over the summer period - Dunhams Reserve (also on Ongaroto Road), Little Waipa (Horahora Road) and Jones Landing (Lake Arapuni Reserve). Permits are required, please visit Council's website www.southwaikato.govt.nz - Apply for it.

We remind reserve users of appropriate behaviour in South Waikato reserves for the enjoyment of all reserve users - no motorbikes, no fires, keep dogs under control and be mindful of alcohol consumption.

Visit Council's website for the full media statement.